How do we erase your event’s carbon footprint?

With certified carbon offsets.

Once we’ve measured your event’s carbon footprint, we turn to our carbon partners and purchase Certified Carbon Offsets. We purchase one carbon offset certificate for every tonne of CO2 produced by your attendees’ travel. These purchases provide ongoing financing to the project and enable it to eliminate greenhouse gases. And they render your event carbon-neutral.

Got questions?

We did too. Here are the answers.

So what is a carbon offset anyway?

In the simplest terms, a carbon offset is a certificate (like a stock certificate) that represents the reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide. Qualified projects that reduce CO2 emissions (like reforestation and renewable energy initiatives) can issue one carbon offset certificate for every tonne of CO2 they eliminate.

Individuals and organizations purchase these certificates to offset carbon emissions created by their actions. In turn, they provide financial support that enables the project to operate.

How do you know that the carbon offsets are really happening?

The carbon projects we support have undergone a rigorous third-party certification process. Which means that the carbon offsets they produce are real and verifiable.

The organizations that certify carbon projects rely on collaboration among scientists, environmental organizations and governments to create standards that certified carbon projects must meet.

The projects we support adhere to internationally recognized standards like:

Although the standards differ, they share common requirements. In order to meet certification standards:

Projects must demonstrate additionality. In other words, the project must generate greenhouse gas reductions beyond those required by law or by "business as usual." Further, projects must demonstrate that these reductions would not occur without the financial support provided by the sale of carbon offsets.

Projects must generate greenhouse gas reductions that are permanent, quantifiable and validated by an accredited third party.

Projects must list carbon offsets with independent registries to ensure that each certificate is unique and has only been sold once.

By supporting projects validated to these standards, we're confident that we offset the carbon emissions created by our customers' travel. If you have ideas about how we might do an even better job, please contact us.

Like carbon projects?

Check out some of our favorite flavors.

Reforestation Works

Your TripZero reservation enables us to fund reforestation projects around the globe. As these forests grow, they absorb carbon dioxide—the main greenhouse gas driving climate change—eliminating the pollution created by your trip.

Renewable Energy Works

Your TripZero reservation supports the construction of renewable energy projects, like wind farms and solar power plants. These clean energy sources replace dirty ones, offsetting the pollution created by your trip.

Methane Capture Works

Your TripZero reservation supports projects that eliminate methane, a greenhouse gas that’s 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Preventing methane release offsets the carbon footprint created by your trip.