Run a delightfully sustainable event

Allow TripZero to source your hotel blocks and we’ll offset your event’s travel carbon footprint—for free.

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Make attendees happy.

And offset their carbon footprint, for free.

At TripZero we’ve built a different kind of travel company to serve event organizers. When you source your event hotels with us, we’ll save your attendees lots of money. Then, we’ll offset their travel carbon footprint—for free. Along the way, we’ll support amazing reforestation and renewable energy projects. And we’ll share your sustainability story through thoughtful travel websites and marketing tailored to your event. Together, we’ll delight your attendees.

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Great Group Hotel Rates

Save your attendees 25-30% with discounted event room blocks.

Free Carbon Offsets

Offset your event’s travel footprint, at zero cost to your organization or attendees.

Awesome Event Travel Sites

Share a sustainability story that educates attendees and sells out your room blocks.

Lead by example.

Inspire your attendees and your industry.

Our attendees get the best hotel deals in a very expensive city. We offset the enormous carbon footprint of their travel, for free. Every decision should be this easy.

Lindsay Smalling


From finance conferences to reggae festivals, our customers are driving a movement to stop global warming. They’re balancing the huge carbon footprint created by travel to their events while enabling growth in reforestation and renewable energy projects around the globe. Along the way, they’re educating their communities and leading their industries.

TripZero serves event leaders worldwide

Protect the planet.

Use your hotel blocks to plant a forest.

Partner with TripZero for your hotel room blocks and we’ll calculate the carbon footprint created by attendee travel to your event. Then, we’ll balance that footprint through the purchase of Certified Carbon Offsets. These purchases fund projects that either remove CO2 from the atmosphere or prevent emissions from happening in the first place. Hooray!

And yes, we really do all of this for free.

Save yourself time.

And have more energy for the important stuff.

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From single hotel meetings to city-wide events, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take the work away when it comes to sourcing everything from hotels to convention centers. As your dedicated Event Manager becomes an extension of your team, you’ll spend less time on everything from contract negotiations to block management. Leaving you more time to focus on the programming, speakers, sponsors and attendees that make your event a success.

Expert Sourcing

Together, we’ll identify the best cities, venues and hotels to host your next event. Choose your favorites, and we’ll negotiate contracts with the terms, perks, incentives and discounts that will delight both your attendees and your organization.

TripZero's reactive hotel marketing pages.

Strategic Marketing

Let’s share a new sustainability story with attendees. We’ll supply educational content that demonstrates your commitment to addressing global warming and integrates easily into your communications plan. Together, we’ll sell out your hotel blocks and your event.

Block Management

Our team collects and summarizes reservation activity across all of your hotel blocks, giving you a birds-eye view of room block performance anytime you need it. Then we work with each hotel to ensure that attendees have the rooms they need and your blocks sell out.

It's free, really.

Except for the hidden fees that aren’t there.

Yes, it’s really free.

Like every travel company we earn a commission from hotels. And unlike any other company in the travel business, we use a large portion of those commissions to pay for carbon offsets. You get to save the planet without spending a dime. And we get to qualify as a Certified B Corp.

Keep good company.

Get help from happy people.

As a Certified B Corporation, our people use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. To achieve certification, we’ve met verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We’re honored to be part of the B Corp Community that includes amazing companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Stonyfield Organic, and Eileen Fisher. And we invite you to learn more about this global movement.

Know your event’s footprint.

Together, we can fix it.

We calculate your event's carbon footprint and offset it.

Meetings and events create huge carbon footprints as attendees fly from around the globe to participate. It’s not uncommon for a medium-sized event to create more than 1,000,000 pounds of CO2. That's the same footprint that 180 cars create over an entire year.

Together, we can fix this. You can learn more about how we calculate your event’s carbon footprint and the certified carbon offsets we use to reduce your impact. Or, just Say Hello and we’ll prepare a detailed, no-obligation carbon footprint analysis for your event.